Reach is a strategic movement of Blackhawk Church to multiply the effects of the Gospel, starting here and spreading throughout the world. Through Reach, our desire is to be fully engaged in how God calls the Church to meet ever-changing and growing needs.


Zion City Church

  • Over time, the relationships built between members of Zion City Church and Blackhawk Church, inspired Colier McNair (pastor of ZCC) and his leaders to think differently about how to conduct ministry and fulfill their calling. As they came to recognize that our churches share similar visions and values, instead of continuing as a separate church entity, Coliér and his leaders approached us to become a part of the Blackhawk Church family. There are a number of contributing factors to this decision, but after much prayer and conversation, ZCC leadership is united in their desire to join Blackhawk Church.
  • Coliér will join our staff in a pastoral role, which will expand our ability to reach people who are lost without Christ and minister to people coming through our doors. This is an exciting opportunity for us as we continue to pursue the multicultural vision of the Gospel.
  • The remaining Reach money that was earmarked for Zion City will be redistributed to one or more local churches to carry out the original intention of Reach, to serve neighborhoods with different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds that we’re not currently reaching through one of our existing sites.
  • We don’t know the exact details of where this is going, but we will continue to follow God’s lead.
  • Fitchburg

    • December 2017 – We closed on the land for the future home of Blackhawk Fitchburg. The property is located on Seminole Highway, north of Lacy Road. (Map of Site)
    • August 2018 – Construction on the building began! We are told construction will likely last around 12 months.
    • The building will include:
    • December 2018 - First walls were tilted up and the building began to take shape.



      Amount Received Through February 2019
    • $9,549,89282%