Reach is a strategic movement of Blackhawk Church to multiply the effects of the Gospel, starting here and spreading throughout the world. Through Reach, our desire is to be fully engaged in how God calls the Church to meet ever-changing and growing needs.



  • February 2020: Our Reach Celebration was an offering of tremendous thanks to God, to everyone who gave generously to this campaign, and everyone who has volunteered over the past seven years to make Fitchburg the church home it has become. One of the many highlights was the recognition that just since opening our doors to the new building in the last few months, we have seen about a 30% increase in attendance among both adults and children. That means more people taking next steps and lives being transformed. While the campaign is coming to an end, are as excited as ever about reaching our community with the love of Jesus.
  • January 2020: We enjoyed an open house and ribbon cutting ceremony. It's great to see the community getting comfortable in this building and imagining what God can do here.
  • December 2019: We've opened our doors and enjoyed an amazing Christmas together in our new space. There's a lot of excitement in our church and community. We welcomed 1,000 more people to our Christmas services in Fitchburg than we hosted last year. God is doing great things.
  • November 2019: Construction is coming to close and finishing touches are being applied. We look forward to opening our doors in time for Christmas.
  • Spring 2019: Construction is progressing quickly both outside and inside the building. Roofing is almost complete, and progress continues on pouring concrete floors, installing duct work, framing (interior), and installing windows, plumbing, and electrical.
  • December 2018: The first walls went up on the building. Things are starting to take shape!
  • August 2018: Construction on the building began! We are told construction will likely last around 12 months. The building will include:
  • December 2017: We closed on the land for the future home of Blackhawk Fitchburg. The property is located on Seminole Highway, north of Lacy Road. (Map of Site)

Groundbreaking, vision casting, and prayer

Progress, exploring the space, and praise

Five Churches

Fitchburg Update


We are so thankful for the many congregations across the city who share a dedication to the Gospel. Some of those churches are working in neighborhoods that we aren’t currently reaching, and we want to see them continue to flourish. That’s why we set aside a portion of the funds given to the Reach Initiative to invest in an established church or churches in the city.
  • In 2017, we began investing Reach funds in Zion City Church, which was meeting in the Allied Drive neighborhood at the time. Over time, relationships grew between Zion City and Blackhawk, and Pastor Colier McNair of Zion City began to think differently about how to fulfill the calling of their church. As Colier and the church’s leaders came to recognize that Zion City and Blackhawk share similar visions and values, they approached us to become part of the Blackhawk Church family. That transition happened in January 2019. This was not part of the original plan, but God has done more than we can ask or think through this partnership. Praise God!
  • The remaining Reach funds that were earmarked for Zion City have been redistributed to five local churches who are doing amazing work and effectively reaching areas of our city that we are not.
Combined, these five congregations have over 300 years of ministry in Madison. We are thrilled to be able to invest in the Kingdom work that these faithful pastors and congregations are carrying out (and have been for years!) through the power of the Holy Spirit across the city.
Lighthouse Church
Lighthouse Church, pastored by Marcio Sierra, Jr
  • Started in 1994 | 25 years of ministry in the city
  • Lighthouse Church is an international church with bilingual services in English and Spanish. God is leading many people to Lighthouse from the international community in Madison, especially men, women and families from Latin America.
  • Investments from Reach will be used by Lighthouse Church to make needed building renovations and to address a staffing need for an assistant pastor who will help with life groups and outreach. A portion of the funds may also be used for leadership development and benevolence.

Mt. Zion Baptist Church
Mt. Zion Baptist Church, pastored by Marcus Allen
  • Started in 1911 | 108 years of ministry in the city
  • Mt. Zion is a Bible-believing, Christ-centered church committed to lifting the community and bringing people to Christ. Mt. Zion is one of Wisconsin’s oldest predominantly African American congregations and has been a staple in its southside neighborhood for decades.
  • Investments from Reach will be directed to ministry programs, allowing the congregation to devote more of their congregation’s donations to their mortgage, reducing it at a quicker rate.

Bethany Church
Bethany Church, pastored by David Carlson
  • Started in 1906 | 113 years of ministry in the city
  • Bethany plays a special role in the history of our church; both Blackhawk Church and Door Creek Church were planted from the Bethany congregation. Bridging cultures and languages has been part of Bethany’s history from the start. Bethany began in 1906 with services in Norwegian. Today, they hold services in English and Lao and have a church plant that ministers in Mandarin. Bethany also supports Spanish ministry in the area. Iglesia Nueva Vida (New Life Church) has held worship services at Bethany since 2013.
  • Investments from Reach will be used to hire a part-time pastor who will develop a multiethnic youth ministry for second-generation Americans. Investments will also go toward necessary building and technology improvements.

Fountain of Life
Fountain of Life, pastored by Alex Gee
  • Started in 1977 | 42 years of ministry in the city
  • Fountain of Life is a vibrant and growing multi-ethnic, multicultural, multi-class and multi-generational church that loves God and loves the community. Fountain of Life began as a church plant with two adults and six children meeting in a living room on the southside of Madison. Two of those six children were Pastor Alex Gee and his sister. Today, around 300 adults and children worship together on Badger Road. In 2009, Fountain of Life created a non-profit ministry, called Nehemiah, in response to the unmet social, academic and spiritual needs of at-risk and disenfranchised African American and bi-racial children in the greater Madison community.
  • Investments from Reach will be put toward a part-time pastoral position. (This position is partially funded through Fountain of Life’s operating budget.) The new pastor will mentor emerging Millennial leaders and train new teachers, small group leaders and white professionals on cross-cultural complexities and cultural competency.

The Faith Place
The Faith Place, pastored by Harold Rayford
  • Started in 1998 | 21 years of ministry in Sun Prairie
  • The Faith Place is a diverse, growing community church. Their mission is to facilitate the reconciliation of man and God, and they provide ministries designed to equip men, women and children to live abundant lives in Christ. The church has an active prison ministry, which works to enlighten inmates’ lives with the Gospel and reduce recidivism.
  • Investments from Reach will be used by the Faith Place to make needed building renovations and support the part-time salaries of children’s ministry and technical staff.



    Amount received through February 9, 2020
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