Years ago, we met in a different state while working on a church initiative similar to Reach. I was doing communications… And Stacey was the photographer. We sat next to each other at the first meeting and the rest is history. So for us, being part of Reach mixes nostalgia and excitement. It brings us back, but also gets us excited to move toward what God is doing at Blackhawk.

In the 10 years that we have attended Blackhawk, we have seen our faiths shift from being about ourselves to being about the impact we can have on our block, neighborhood and the city as a whole. Today, we call the eastside our home, but we strive to be better neighbors throughout Madison with actions as simple as serving pizza to the people of State Street and volunteering with Luke House.

While our faiths have grown in outward action, we believe participating in Reach will stretch our personal relationships with God again. It’s another step in the lifelong process of learning how to be generous not only with our time but also with our finances. We are excited to be reminded that our God has shown His faithfulness to us before, and He will do it again.