We were kicking the tires of faith when we started attending Blackhawk and then my wife and I had a son born with Downs Syndrome. Selfishly thinking about how that fit into what we had planned for our family, we felt a lot of despair and sadness. I know that God grieves for me when I grieve, and I think when Ayden was born, He grieved during that time, but not in the way that we thought. He grieved because He created a masterpiece in Ayden and we didn’t see it at the time.

That’s when we connected with Care Ministry. It felt like a “wow moment” when a total stranger prayed with us and walked through it with us. The grace that person extended was overwhelming and helped us feel peace. That Care Ministry interaction was what piqued our desire to learn more. Since then, we’ve been involved in 6th grade ministry, High School Ministries and Life Groups. It has come full circle, as some of the students we’ve led have become special parts of Ayden’s life and of our family.

I get excited about Reach because I love the idea of serving the community that we’re in. For people new to faith, the four walls of a building are the church at first. I’m excited to bring friends to the new Fitchburg building for them to experience the same care we were offered through Blackhawk during that pivotal time in our life.