I could see the steeple of Blackhawk from our house…I was curious, but could never walk in. There were too many questions. Was it too big? Would people accept me? Did I even deserve to go to church after some decisions I’d made? I shared with my husband, Jay, who hadn’t been to church in 17 years, and he said, “I think we need to go to church, tomorrow.” I was shocked. But we did.

That first day, we found acceptance, love and understanding, and so naturally, our involvement began to grow, from being baptized at Blackhawk, joining men’s and women’s communities and a Life Group to volunteering with and attending Middle School Ministries.

In June, my son, Hagen, will go on the Alaska Mission Trip with MSM and I’ll go as a leader. I can’t wait to see how God uses this trip to shape his faith and future.

I know that the church isn’t a building. But for me, it started with seeing the steeple. What God did in my life INSIDE the walls has completely changed our lives outside the walls.

I am SO EXCITED about how God will use the Reach projects at both Fitchburg and Brader Way to share the gospel with those growing communities in the same way it was shared with us!