When I started college, I didn’t know what my church involvement would look like. I had a hard time “committing” to campus ministry because of evening responsibilities I had as a journalism major. I struggled with that, not sure how I fit in, and on the advice of a mentor from my hometown, tried Blackhawk. I became involved in the Worship Arts Community and realized by my sophomore year that it felt like home. Even though it was hard initially, my struggle to find where I fit helped me learn what it looked like to be a Christ follower in the Madison community, not just within the framework of being a student.

Blackhawk’s teaching of the Bible, the focus on the broader context and the encouragement to ask questions, furthers my understanding of God and the Gospel. I think that’s part of what I’m excited about within the Reach initiative. The fact that we’re not just building more buildings, but that we’re also partnering with others in the community, people with stories that might look different from my own, is exciting.

The way we interact with the world will be one way if we limit our perspective to our own experiences. However, if we learn from people with different stories and different backgrounds, it ultimately widens our view of God and the Gospel, and the power of both in our world. I’m a senior and I might not be here next year, but I’m excited that I still get to partner with this community that I claimed as my own during my time here in Madison.