I've been coming to Blackhawk since 1999. My husband, Brad, and I were married at Whitney Way in 2005 and then moved to Brader Way, and then to Fitchburg when it opened.

As a college student, I watched Blackhawk intentionally reach out to those studying in Madison and saw Study Day become such an amazing part of so many people’s lives including mine. As our family began to grow, we realized how awesome it is that Blackhawk values Children’s Ministries and how important it is to them to make children’s teaching appropriate for each developmental stage.

When we moved to the Fitchburg site on opening day, we again realized how the leadership and staff at Blackhawk knew that providing a location closer to home for so many of us would only enhance how we could connect with God and those around us. It made church feel that much more personal for us. It’s things like these, and the teaching that’s designed to challenge us, and things like Financial Peace and Love This Book that make us really trust how Blackhawk is using the resources and opportunities God is giving them.

We came away from hearing about Reach for the first time really excited, obviously for Fitchburg, because that will change how our site can reach those around us. But we were really excited about all the opportunities and really grateful for how intentionally Blackhawk is responding to each area represented in Reach. It was exciting to hear how the vision for Reach is to set others up for success down the road. We trust Blackhawk staff and leadership in decisions like this with 100% percent peace because we’ve seen how intentional and thoughtful they have always been. I think the growth of the community at Blackhawk speaks to that.