I came to the United States from Venezuela eight years ago. Shortly after, my world was turned upside down, leaving me feeling like I had lost everything: my job, my finances, my home, my health, my marriage. When I had nothing left, God used it all to bring me to His feet. I’ve been a person of faith all my life, but it was then that I came to truly know what it meant to have a personal relationship with God. I started learning His Word and in turn, it changed my heart. I began to feel hope and joy.

When I moved to Madison, I came to Blackhawk on my first Sunday in town, and I haven’t stopped coming since. Life has still been hard, but through this church, I have found a community. I have served, been prayed for and loved; the women in my Bible study have become my family. All along, God has been asking me to trust Him. Everyone is part of a body, and He's calling us to work for His Kingdom. That's what I see in Blackhawk and God is using my life to do that too – to connect with others and let them know they’re loved.