I have always believed in God, ever since I was a kid. But Blackhawk has brought about a deeper understanding of what it means to be a follower of Christ. I have changed since attending this church. I have seen myself fall in love with the Bible and my heart ache for issues in our community.

In turn, this has increased my drive to take active steps toward helping with poverty and homelessness in Madison. Volunteering at the men’s shelter and with The Road Home Dane County has become a critical part of living out my faith in my community. As I pursue the Gospel, my desire to serve continues to grow.

I see this reflected in Life Groups I've been in throughout the years as well. We talk about the Sunday teachings, and we bring those lessons into our lives outside of our time together. Interacting with the truths of Jesus is impacting our generosity, our workplaces, our families and friends. I am excited to belong to a church that is using its resources wisely to continue to strengthen the community it is a part of, even outside its own walls.