We are asking everyone at Blackhawk to pray, live and give in new ways.

We envision a growing dependence on God through prayer. Here are ways you can pray in this season:
  • Pray for the Gospel to reach those who don't know Christ
    • For the neighborhoods surrounding Blackhawk sites
    • Downtown
    • Surrounding college campuses
    • Fitchburg
    • Neighborhood growing up around Brader Way
    • For your own family, neighbors, classmates and coworkers
  • Pray for Zion City Church as they serve the community and bring the Gospel to the city.
  • Pray for the Gospel to unite ethnically diverse believers in our city and our church.
  • Pray that the Gospel is demonstrated through the way we serve organizations and neighborhoods.
  • Pray for God’s continued guidance as we seek His will for our church in this season.
  • Pray that Christ would continue a deep work in each of us as we seek to follow Him.
  • Pray for boldness and love as each of us seeks to follow Christ where we live and work.
  • Pray for a growing movement of God’s spirit to reorder our lives around His purposes both as individuals and as a church.
  • Pray for God to grow generous hearts as we each consider releasing our resources for His work through Blackhawk and beyond.
We envision a growing capacity to invest in the lives of others in ways that are characterized by the Gospel. The good news of Jesus Christ changes our hearts and how we see the world around us. It advances the common good and makes work more meaningful. In a world that is filled with division, the Gospel unites.

When people experience the Gospel in unexpected ways, it creates a ripple effect. The Gospel doesn’t only change lives, it helps the whole city flourish for everyone in it. Imagine what could happen if all of us lived our lives in ways that express the Gospel, with love, humility, justice and grace. Those small choices could multiply the reach of the Gospel in our city and the world.

Ask yourself:
  • Do I seek to understand those around me?
  • Am I actively pursuing relationships with people whose stories don’t look like mine?
  • Do I know my neighbors? What could I do to get to know them?
  • At work, do I care about my coworkers beyond our professional relationship?
  • Do I seek to reflect Jesus in my day-to-day actions? Does the person at the drive-through, the pharmacy counter, the department store notice something different in how I interact with them as a Christ follower?
  • In what ways do I seek the good of the city in which I live?
We envision growing in generosity. Our hearts follow our treasures; giving reminds us that everything we have was given by God and that we depend on Him to meet our every need. Through His spirit, each of us can meaningfully invest in telling God’s story in our city and throughout the world.

As you prayerfully think about what God will have you give, consider these strategies:

Give through income
  • Receive it, give it: As you receive income from your employment, bonuses, side work, gifts, tax returns, etc., give from it.
  • Make sacrifices: Altering your lifestyle and priorities in small and big ways can create additional resources to give away. Commit to one less latte a week. Eat in. Take a staycation. Wait on remodeling your home or buying that bigger house.
  • Keep setting it aside: After a debt is paid off, reallocate and give resources that were previously set aside for that expense.
Give through assets
  • Non-cash gifts: Consider giving eligible appreciated securities, such as stock and mutual funds. You can receive giving credit for the full market value and avoid capital gains tax.
  • Make a qualified charitable distribution (QCD) from an individual retirement account (IRA).
  • Consider other financial assets such as bank accounts or property. Consider releasing some of these resources.
  • Something now, something later: One of the greatest gifts you can provide to ensure the mission continues is by making a planned gift through your estate.