“How do I give back for everything God has given me?” I ask myself this question daily as I do my best to live out my identity as a child of God first and foremost in my life.

Since coming to Blackhawk about a decade ago, my personal mission to carry out the Gospel has become clear and my “faith” has become a verb. My work is not separate from my relationship with God. I am a scientist by trade, and I give thanks to God by tithing, offering my time and prayers, and combining my unique gifts with what I believe.

God has blessed me most through Blackhawk Children’s Ministries. I am deeply inspired by the simplicity of a child’s faith, and throughout my years of volunteering, I have watched God at work in the lives of the next generation. I have no doubt about the significant role that Children’s Ministries plays in establishing a firm foundation for the families of Blackhawk.

That’s why I am hopeful about the impact Reach will have on so many families in the neighborhoods around Brader Way. I am excited and hopeful of the change it will continue to bring for generations of Christ followers to come.