Building a loving community that follows Christ in order to reach a community lost without Him has been Blackhawk’s mission for decades. We are one church in three locations and we’ve loved our communities from the very beginning.

In this season, we want to reimagine the future of our city.

We see people with different stories, ethnicities and languages united by the Gospel because they’ve experienced it in transformational ways. It’s the medical professional, bringing hope to people in their most vulnerable state. It’s the child sticking up for a classmate who is different than him. It’s the college student caring well for others on campus. It’s the visiting scholar bringing her faith back to her home country. It’s the volunteer learning from and standing with the marginalized. It’s the neighbor seeking to understand, rather than be understood.



In 2007 the Brader Way facility was built in response to the question, "What will we do if God continues to bring people to Blackhawk?" Over the last 10 years, He has continued to bless the church with people and resources and has positioned us well throughout the community - in our schools, workplaces and neighborhoods.

Early on, we recognized that moving toward university students would always be part of who we are. In 2010 the Blackhawk Downtown site was launched and is now located in the heart of campus. Blackhawk Fitchburg was launched in 2013 in an area of greater Madison experiencing substantial growth. After years of welcoming visiting scholars and Mandarin speakers to Blackhawk a Chinese ministry was established in 2013 followed by a Sunday Chinese venue with live worship and teaching in Mandarin.


We've continued to follow God's lead, moving toward things He's doing in and around the city. Our deepest desire is to be fully engaged in how He calls the Church to meet ever-changing and growing needs. But it's more than just bricks and mortar...

True change in our city will only happen as we live out the truth of the Gospel in our neighborhoods, workplaces and relationships.

Over the next few years, there is a huge opportunity to respond to growth in different neighborhoods and parts of Madison.