HOW: Intentionally pursue a sister-church relationship with Zion City Church


God has a vision for a multicultural kingdom—a loving community of many nations, languages and ethnicities. We believe that in this cultural moment, our church, and the Church, is being led to deepen our understanding of this vision. We seek to become a church that increasingly reflects the kingdom of God in many ways, including ethnic diversity. We envision a relationship with Zion City Church that provides mutual learning, continued collaboration and growth. Zion City Church serves neighborhoods that Blackhawk isn’t currently reaching and it is our desire that they continue to flourish. The gospel we share is even more beautiful because it is a multiethnic one.

  • Zion City Church became a part of the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA) association in October 2017. This means that our churches are now part of the same association.
  • In 2017 Blackhawk began supporting Zion City Church through the EFCA. The EFCA Forest Lakes District Board and staff provide ministry accountability and resources to Zion City Church. Through this, Zion City has been able to employ Colier McNair as the full-time pastor of the congregation.
  • This is what Pastor Colier had to say about what it has meant to be able to serve full-time as the pastor of Zion City Church.

    "I’m available now. I’m more focused, and my energy levels are better. I’m more present as a pastor, leader, husband, father and friend.

    As an example, I recently conducted a funeral service for a young man who died because he fell asleep at the wheel of his car. The young man was 25 years old and about 100 young people came to pay their respects. These young people were able to hear the gospel at the service. In years past, I would have been hard pressed to meet the needs of this grieving family and share the message of the gospel through the funeral service.

    Reach has made these things possible. Zion City’s relationship with our sister church, Blackhawk, is hard to put into non-celebratory words! The relationships we share with various leaders and volunteers are solid. Though we expect there will be challenges as we continue to work together and explore new aspects of ministry, we believe we have been blessed by God’s grace to establish a foundation that will allow both churches to become what God intends His Church to be. "